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20 January 2011 @ 03:18 pm
It probably hasn't escaped anyone's notice that I have been MIA for quite a while and I owe you an apology for disappearing without a word. I was dealing with a situation in rl that heavily impacted my ability to manage this project and it took me much longer to recover than expected. None of that excuses that I left you hanging, however. My sincerest apologies, it won't happen again (more on that later), and I hope you're still as excited about this project as I. :)

Now, let's get down to business!

» I spoke to lily_handmaiden, our Old English Whizz, and estioe, our webdesigner, and they're both still on board! estioe is working on a very basic version of our site, so that the scripts that are already done can go up asap.

» The Teams Entry is up to date as far as the transcription status goes. Please raise your hand if you're a transcriber or beta of outstanding episodes and let me know by when you can finish the work. Should you be unable to do the job you signed up for, for whatever reason, that's fine! Just please let me know so that I can assign the episode to someone else. :)

» lika_mikala has transcribed all of season three on her own! :O She's offered to adjust the scripts to fit our format even. \o/ I may need a few betas to look the transcripts over at some point, I'll get back to you when the time comes.

» Job ad! I'm looking for one co-mod to help me manage the project and cover for me (as I will for them) in case of more rl kablooey. Job Description! Project planning/discussion with yours truly. Using GDocs/shared spreadsheets to keep track of the project. Head transcriber/beta teams (organization, assistance/support). A lot of patience and :)s. Basic html knowledge to help code (and upload) the finished transcripts for the website would be super but if need be I can do that on my own. Interested? Get in touch with me, via PM or email (moonilicious@gmail.com), and we'll talk, see how we get along. :)

(I briefly discussed this in an anon setting; in case the person I talked to didn't see my last message, you're welcome to contact me about the job!)
25 July 2010 @ 06:00 pm
Transcribers & Betas: If you need a second (or third, or forth) opinion on a piece of dialogue, names, places, etc, we're here to help!

As the entry title suggest, everyone is welcome to help, you don't have to sign up anywhere to do this. :)

If you like you can have the comments to this entry emailed you to make sure you don't miss any cries for help. ;) Should you not know how that works, the instructions are under this handy cut.Collapse )

Transcribers/Betas: Please make sure to put the name of the episode you're working on into the subject line of your comment!
25 July 2010 @ 05:18 pm
Last updated: March 6th, 2011.

Seasons One & Two
* 26 total
* 08 Stage I: Transcription
* 05 Stage II: Regular Beta
* 13 Stage III: Old English Beta/Style Beta/Done

Season Three
* 13 total, currently in regular beta stage.

Our website at Merlin-Archives.com is in progress.

lily_handmaiden is our Old English Whizz who will not only make sure that the spells have been transcribed correctly, she will also be translating them for us!

A quick note about the displayed email addresses: I coded them in ASCII which, Google tells me, makes it so that spambots won't recognize them as email addresses when scanning the page. Yay ASCII!

List of t:b teams!Collapse )


» Here is a sample of how we want the transcripts to look as well as some guidelines. See the comments of the Community Help entry for questions and answers regarding transcript format!

» There are subtitles available for the episodes! These subtitles are often riddled with mistakes or plain wrong but a great starting point nonetheless. Download a zip file of all available subtitles here. You should be able to open the .srt files with any text editor.

» When you're unsure about anything, be it a piece of dialogue or a name of a character or place, you can turn to the Community Help entry for input.

» Remember to make sure you're using complete episodes (ie. not copies of the ones aired on Syfy or Channel 10), and to use British English spelling.

When your transcript is finished, email it to your beta and comment to this entry to let us know that the transcript has entered Stage II.

When you're done with your transcript, email it to me at moonilicious@gmail.com.
18 July 2010 @ 07:14 pm
At long last, sign-ups for Archive I: Episodes are hereby open. \o/

The plan (see Introduction) hasn't changed much except for one thing: we decided to scrap the idea of team leaders and will see how this works with one-on-one transcriber/beta teams and a 'help' entry where transcribers and betas can get the community's opinion whenever they're unsure about a line, character name, etc. Should this not work out as envisioned we can always change our approach.

Available Jobs

Transcriber: Transcribe episodes with the assistance of subtitles and formatted according to a transcript sample. You're encouraged to use British English spelling.

Beta: Beta transcripts for accuracy and spelling. The former may require some research to assure that names of places and characters are accurate as well. The latter includes the use of British English spelling.

Old English Whizz: We need 1-2 people familiar with Old English to make sure the Old English used for spells has been transcribed correctly.


» You need to have access to copies of the episodes that aired on the BBC or the DVDs. Both Syfy (USA) and Channel 10 (Australia) aired episodes that were missing scenes. Please make sure the episodes you're transcribing are complete.

» Since Merlin is a British show and we don't want the transcripts to be inconsistent we will be using British English spelling. Transcribers are encouraged to use it, betas are expected to spell-check accordingly.

» Transcribers won't have to start from scratch! There are places online that offer subtitles which will be made available to you or you can use the subtitles that come with the DVDs if you own those. However, these subtitles are often riddled with mistakes or even completely wrong, they should therefore only serve as a starting point for transcripts.

» To assure consistency we will soon provide you with a sample of how we want the transcripts to look.


» Once the first rush of sign-ups are in we begin pairing up transcribers and betas. A list of these pairs will then be posted so that transcribers know who to send the finished transcripts to. The list will be updated as sign-ups come in.

» The Community Help entry (that name is a WIP) goes live and all of our members will be encouraged to track its comments. Whenever transcribers and betas need help figuring out a line or are unsure about a name, place, etc. they can turn to the community at large for help. (Go team!)

» Once transcribers have passed on their transcript to their assigned beta they will leave a comment to the entry listing the t:b pairs and inform us that the transcript has entered Stage II: Beta. If the transcriber is so inclined this is also where they can request another episode to transcribe.

» Betas email me the polished transcripts for Stage III: Format after which the transcripts go up on our hopefully by then finished website at merlin-archives.com. :D

» Starting out we won't set a deadline for transcripts although that may change once we get a feel for how long transcribers need to comfortably finish their work. We will probably do a check-in at some point to see how it's going.

» Sign-ups will remain open until all season one and two episodes are accounted for.

Sign Up

Fill out this form and leave it in a comment.

Thank you SO MUCH for helping out! You rock. ♥
05 July 2010 @ 01:57 pm
Welcome to the Merlin Transcripts Project!

Transcripts are a great resource for any fandom and make fannish life easier in many ways. If all goes according to plan, the end result of the Merlin Transcripts Project will be an easy to navigate website hosting the following archives.

  • Archive I: Episodes

  • Archive II: DVD Extras & Commentaries

  • Archive III: Interviews & Specials

As you can see, we aim high!

The Merlin Transcripts Project needs you!

A project this size is bound to be a team effort and that's where you come in, Merlin fans! The plan is currently as follows.

  1. Archive I sign-up post (very soon!).
    Volunteer to lead a transcription team of ~4 transcribers, transcribe Merlin episodes (♥) or beta transcripts for accuracy and spelling.

  2. Link collection drive for Archive III.
    The links will be categorized and added to the entry as they come in.

  3. Archive III sign-up post.
    The procedure for this one is not yet set in stone. Right now we're thinking that volunteers get to pick interviews/specials/etc. to transcribe on a first come, first served basis from a (categorized and numbered) list put together from the link collection drive.

  4. Archive II
    When this archive gets some love will largely depend on the number of volunteers and how quickly things proceed with Archive I.

  5. The Future
    Once the transcripts are up, we have vague plans to expand The Merlin Archives website with fun stuff such as episode guides, character guides, etc.

Note: Archive III launches before Archive II to allow volunteers who may not have time to transcribe full episodes or don't have the DVDs but access to YouTube to help out right away.

We're hoping for this to be a fun team experience with an awesome outcome!


What can you do until the Merlin Transcripts Project launches? Spread the word! The more volunteers we get, the quicker The Merlin Archives will become reality. :)

If you like you can use the graphic below to pimp the Project to your friends!

Fans of pre-coded pimping, just copy/paste this into your next entry.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them here! :)