Moonie (moonilicious) wrote in merlin_archives,

(Archive I) Community Help

Transcribers & Betas: If you need a second (or third, or forth) opinion on a piece of dialogue, names, places, etc, we're here to help!

As the entry title suggest, everyone is welcome to help, you don't have to sign up anywhere to do this. :)

If you like you can have the comments to this entry emailed you to make sure you don't miss any cries for help. ;) Should you not know how that works, follow these instructions:

Click on the pin in the menu bar above this entry (on direct entry pages).

That will lead you to this page.

Ticky the "Delivery method: Email" box next to "Someone comments on '(Archive I) Community Help' in merlin_archives", then click the "Save" button. Done! You will now be emailed every comment left to this entry. :D

Transcribers/Betas: Please make sure to put the name of the episode you're working on into the subject line of your comment!
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