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(project) update

It probably hasn't escaped anyone's notice that I have been MIA for quite a while and I owe you an apology for disappearing without a word. I was dealing with a situation in rl that heavily impacted my ability to manage this project and it took me much longer to recover than expected. None of that excuses that I left you hanging, however. My sincerest apologies, it won't happen again (more on that later), and I hope you're still as excited about this project as I. :)

Now, let's get down to business!

» I spoke to lily_handmaiden, our Old English Whizz, and estioe, our webdesigner, and they're both still on board! estioe is working on a very basic version of our site, so that the scripts that are already done can go up asap.

» The Teams Entry is up to date as far as the transcription status goes. Please raise your hand if you're a transcriber or beta of outstanding episodes and let me know by when you can finish the work. Should you be unable to do the job you signed up for, for whatever reason, that's fine! Just please let me know so that I can assign the episode to someone else. :)

» lika_mikala has transcribed all of season three on her own! :O She's offered to adjust the scripts to fit our format even. \o/ I may need a few betas to look the transcripts over at some point, I'll get back to you when the time comes.

» Job ad! I'm looking for one co-mod to help me manage the project and cover for me (as I will for them) in case of more rl kablooey. Job Description! Project planning/discussion with yours truly. Using GDocs/shared spreadsheets to keep track of the project. Head transcriber/beta teams (organization, assistance/support). A lot of patience and :)s. Basic html knowledge to help code (and upload) the finished transcripts for the website would be super but if need be I can do that on my own. Interested? Get in touch with me, via PM or email (, and we'll talk, see how we get along. :)

(I briefly discussed this in an anon setting; in case the person I talked to didn't see my last message, you're welcome to contact me about the job!)
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