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Welcome to the Merlin Transcripts Project!

Transcripts are a great resource for any fandom and make fannish life easier in many ways. If all goes according to plan, the end result of the Merlin Transcripts Project will be an easy to navigate website hosting the following archives.

  • Archive I: Episodes

  • Archive II: DVD Extras & Commentaries

  • Archive III: Interviews & Specials

As you can see, we aim high!

The Merlin Transcripts Project needs you!

A project this size is bound to be a team effort and that's where you come in, Merlin fans! The plan is currently as follows.

  1. Archive I sign-up post (very soon!).
    Volunteer to lead a transcription team of ~4 transcribers, transcribe Merlin episodes (♥) or beta transcripts for accuracy and spelling.

  2. Link collection drive for Archive III.
    The links will be categorized and added to the entry as they come in.

  3. Archive III sign-up post.
    The procedure for this one is not yet set in stone. Right now we're thinking that volunteers get to pick interviews/specials/etc. to transcribe on a first come, first served basis from a (categorized and numbered) list put together from the link collection drive.

  4. Archive II
    When this archive gets some love will largely depend on the number of volunteers and how quickly things proceed with Archive I.

  5. The Future
    Once the transcripts are up, we have vague plans to expand The Merlin Archives website with fun stuff such as episode guides, character guides, etc.

Note: Archive III launches before Archive II to allow volunteers who may not have time to transcribe full episodes or don't have the DVDs but access to YouTube to help out right away.

We're hoping for this to be a fun team experience with an awesome outcome!


What can you do until the Merlin Transcripts Project launches? Spread the word! The more volunteers we get, the quicker The Merlin Archives will become reality. :)

If you like you can use the graphic below to pimp the Project to your friends!

Fans of pre-coded pimping, just copy/paste this into your next entry.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them here! :)
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